Teaching materials "Cell Trump" - Activities on cell biology

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kg, 31/08/2023

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The topic of cells is firmly anchored in the biology curriculum of lower and upper secondary schools. However, human cells are much more complex than the classic animal cell would suggest. In order to convey this diversity, the Vienna Open Lab developed the card game Cell Trump.

The principle of Cell Trump is based on the well-known game "Trump". However, it is not cars or dinosaurs that are examined more closely, but human cells. The aim of this game is to get to know cells and their special features. You not only get a feeling for the number of cells in the body, but also for their size, their functions and their lifespan.

Teaching kit "Cells are trumps!" (only available in German)

Alongside the card game, we offer a teaching kit with downloadable materials (see download block below, only in German), which can also be used without the card game. The kit offers age-appropriate and playful ways of teaching cell biology suitable for beginners, advanced learners or cell professionals. In addition to simple word search puzzles and spot-the-difference pictures, you will also find more challenging crossword puzzles, quizzes and learning activities.

Moreover we give suggestions on how to integrate the cell into cross-curricular lessons. A nerve cell could be knitted quite easily in handicraft lessons, in Latin lessons you could deal with earlier ideas about the structure of man, and in computer science you could practise creating diagrams and displaying numbers in spreadsheet programmes.

An excerpt of the teaching package is available as an e-learning version for digital lessons.

Card game (only available in German)

If you want to use the card game in class, you can obtain "Zell-Trumpf" free of charge at the Vienna Open Lab. The number of pieces is limited to four sets of cards per educator. Postal delivery (within Austria) is also possible at your expense. Contact us in advance by phone at +43 (0)1 790 44 4591 or by email at office@viennaopenlab.at.

We also welcome feedback on our teaching kit and hope you enjoy using it during your lessons.